Sunday, May 18, 2014

Become A Reviewer For Fire & Ice Book Reviews

Hi everyone, I am looking for two people to become reviewers for Fire & Ice Book Reviews.


As a reviewer of Fire & Ice, You will be able to post your reviews on my blog. All of your reviews will have your name on it, so that readers will know that you wrote the review, and not me. All of your reviews will be shared on my social media. I will promote your post just as much as I would do my own. You will have your own page where all of your reviews can be shown. When I get review request, you will get a chance to choose books that you would like to review.

You will stay on with me for six months as a reviewer. After that you will have the option to leave Fire & Ice, become a full partner, or stay a reviewer. If you decide to leave Fire & Ice you will have the choice to take/ remove all of your reviews. There will be no hard feelings. If you become a full partner, you will basically be able to do anything except make big changes. We must all agree before it is done. If you choose to stay a reviewer, you will pretty much just keep doing what you were doing before.

Your Job

If you become a reviewer for Fire & Ice, you must have two reviews for the blog each week. of course exceptions can be made for personal reasons, health, vacations, etc. If you know you can not make your two reviews for that week, just let me know, and we will figure something out. All reviews can be pre-scheduled on the blog, or can be written the day before. Each review must have the title and author, the cover, synopsis, your rating, and buy links. You can always add more to it if you wish. You will have the choice of posting your review yourself, or sending it to me to post.

If you are interested, pleas fill out this form.
If you review romance, erotica, new adult, and paranormal, it is a plus!

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