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Author Spotlight With Racquel Kechagias

Last Ashes (Fire of the Sould#2)
by Racquel Kechagias
Last Ashes will be released on 29th June 2014*

Chaos has descended on the Underworld, as promised. Anna is un-resigned to her fate as Christian's ideal wife. She refuses to be weak and submissive but she knows the power he holds over her; if she denies him, everyone she loves will die. However, when dismembered corpses start appearing on the castle grounds, Anna finds her courage to fight against the evil in the world, starting with the Overlord.
Guest Post With Racquel!

Hi everyone!

I’m so excited to be taking over the Fire and Ice book review site. It may also be because
my book ‘Last Ashes’ is released to you, the fabulous readers, today! So I’m going to give
you guys a little info on the books series so far. Information that – so far – hasn’t been said
anywhere else!

The Fire of the Soul series has been very dear to me since I started writing it in 2011. I
released the first book in January 2013. It was the first complete book I had ever written
as I had started a lot of books before then but never finished them. I still have no clue as to
why this was the first book that I finished but I just knew that I had to finish writing it. Let’s
just say it’s the fact that I was invested in the story and in the characters that I had created.
I knew that there was so much more to be written, that their story wasn’t finished in ‘The
Fire Within’. It was that feeling of more that I knew I had to write a second book and so
I did. Now that I have finished ‘Last Ashes’ I can feel the erratic beating of my heart and
it’s pumping with all the speed of a bullet train now that I’ve pressed the release button! It
feels as if I’ve been staring at a bomb’s timer ticking away and I can only wonder, what will
happen now that it’s gone off?

I guess you’re all wondering what exactly is so good about it? Well I can probably rattle off
a hundred things that I feel are noteworthy and exciting about ‘Last Ashes’ but I’ll give you
guys seven reasons why it’s so exciting. (Note: These may be spoil-ery. Read with caution!)
01. Anna kick’s ass! She is a fighter through and through and no matter what Christian does
in this book she fights back.

02. Werewolves and Phantoms! ‘The Fire Within’ book was mainly about the Vampires and
Skinwalkers but at the end of ‘The Fire Within’ I teased about the Werewolves and Phantoms
that the Skinwalkers teamed up with. Well in ‘Last Ashes’ we get to see those characters in

03. The Dead don’t stay dead! Nope not at all and those who we thought were dead in ‘The
Fire Within’ may come back in ‘Last Ashes’!
04. Christian!!!!! We get a lot of action with the hated villain and there’s a few moments
where we see a side to him that isn’t completely wicked.
05. Rebels! IF you thought I would let Christian take over the Underworld without
consequences, all I can say is guess again.
06. Immortals. There’s a lot more than we thought there were and there will be even more
in ‘The Eternal Flame’.

07. Manea! Yes, you read that right. The goddess of the Underworld who was only teased
in ‘The Fire Within’ makes an appearance in ‘Last Ashes’.
Having finished the second book I’ve already got a ton of ideas for the final book which
will be named ‘The Eternal Flame’. Let’s just say that a lot of characters that were teased,
mentioned or were slightly involved in the first and second book will be making an
appearance for the third book. If you thought the Underworld was in chaos in ‘Last Ashes’,
it’s nothing compared to what will happen in ‘The Eternal Flame’.

So in celebration of the second book’s release I’ve got three things for all of you lovely and
wonderful readers who have come this far. The first is an exclusive giveaway for anyone who
readers/follows this blog. You can enter the giveaway by completing the rafflecopter below,
If you are picked in the giveaway below you will receive an ebook copy of ‘The Fire Within’
and ‘Last Ashes’ so you can read the complete series (so far)! The second is an excerpt of the
first chapter from ‘Last Ashes’ which you can download by clicking on the link to my blog
below. And thirdly I’m hosting a giveaway on my facebook page today so if you jump over
there you will have more chances to win the ebooks, paperbacks of the books and swag!

About The Author

Racquel Kechagias was born in Sydney, Australia in 1991. She is the oldest of seven children
and although they drive her a little mad she loves them to bits. Racquel spent her childhood
nose deep in a book, preferring their company to that offered by the outside world. At the age
of 8 she had grown past the children’s section of the literary world and began to grow up with
company of the greats such as Shelly, Stoker, King, Tolkien and Poe. From that moment she
was inspired by the intricate worlds. She longed to share the knowledge and passion that it
took those authors to create their worlds and from that moment on her life was transformed.
Racquel Kechagias is the author ‘Last Ashes’ the second book in the ‘Fire of the Soul’ series.

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