Saturday, July 19, 2014

Review: Forever Sheltered (The Forever Series #3) by Deanna Roy

Forever Sheltered (The Forever Series #3)
by Deanna Roy
Tina would rather sew up her girl parts with dental floss than go on a second date with a man. She's been dumped enough to know not to get attached.

But when Dr. Darion Marks comes into her art therapy room to ask a favor for a special patient, Tina recognizes the haunted look he buries beneath his stoic professionalism. So rather than be forced to ditch the handsome doctor after a single night, she decides not to date him at all.

So how exactly DO they end up half-naked in Surgical Suite B?

Dr. Darion has a lot to hide. His baby sister is the only family he has left, and he’s not leaving her treatment to some incompetent hack.

But now he’s breaking every hospital rule imaginable. He lied about his sister so he can manage her care, and now he’s banging the art therapy teacher between patient rounds like a fraternity boy at a keg party.

Nobody believes this can end well, not Tina’s friend Corabelle, who is overcoming a tragic history much like Tina’s, or even pink-haired Jenny, who thinks sex with strangers is good for your metabolism.

But Dr. Darion and Tina have one thing going for them – a fierce passion for each other that just might obliterate all their doubts, and solve all their problems.

Forever Sheltered includes many favorite characters from Forever Innocent and Forever Loved, as well as the much-anticipated wedding of Gavin and Corabelle.

It is a standalone HEA that does not require reading any other parts of the Forever series.
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Release Date: July 23rd, 2014
Review by Jackie
Forever Sheltered hooked me from chapter 1. This is by far my favorite book in the series.
Tina works at the hospital as the art therapist where Dr. Darion works. His little sister who is battling cancer really likes Tina. Dr. Darion will do anything for his sister Cynthia. So,  Darion tries to get Tina to spend more time with Cynthia. Tina knows something is a little fishy about the good doctor. He treats Cynthia more then a regular patient. Tina tries to find out what is Dr Darion's connection to Cynthia, but she ends up getting a little to close. Both of them are battling demons in their life, but will that destroy them or bring them closer?
These characters really touched my heart. This entire series is one of my favorites, but I really connected with these characters. The reason why I love Deanna Roy's books, is because she is not just telling a story, you can tell that she actually cares about the subjects she is writing about.
I fell head over hills for Darion because he did everything possible to make sure his sister survived cancer. The relationship between him and his sister was so sweet. The fact that he went against the rules is what made me like him even more.
Can I just say I loved Cynthia! She was one strong little girl. Battling cancer is never easy, but it is worse for children. The relationship between her and Tina was just so sweet. Cynthia was definitely my favorite character.
Tina was one amazing character. She was more than just an art Therapist. She was someone who cared about those patients, and made sure that art took them away from their pain just for a little while. She was a strong female MC, and you guys know I love those!
If you like to read books about characters that you can connect with, cry over, and most of all love, then this is the book for you.
**ARC provided by author for review. This review is my honest opinions and thoughts, and I in no way, shape, or form was paid for this review. **


  1. Thank you so much for the review of Forever Sheltered. I appreciate the time you took to read the book and to post this review! - Deanna <3