Sunday, August 17, 2014

2014 NetGalley Reading Challenge

This 2014 NetGalley challenge was started by Ariel Avalon The goal of this challenge is to get your NetGalley ratio up to 80%
Hi everyone, I know it is the midle of August, but I really need some motivation to finish all of my NetGalley books. So, I decided to join the 2014 NetGalley challenge. At the beginning of the year my NetGalley ratio was horrible. I think it was like 33% or something. Then I got it up to like 60%, and now it is like 75%. Which is really good right? I am so close to 80% which is the ratio NetGalley recommends, but my goal is to get up to at least 90, 95% before I request any more books. There for, that is why I am joinning this challenge.
Each month I will do a round up, and I will post links to all of the reviews of the books I have read. I will also give an update on my ratio. I have 14 more books to read, but I will most likely become weak for my requesting obsession, and request more.
My Goal

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