Thursday, January 21, 2016

Andrew's Review for Grab by Anne Conley. #ReviewTeam

(Pierce Securities Book5) 
Anne Conley

About the Book
Jordan Rocco has just received a medical discharge from the Marines and is now working with his brother, Evan, at Pierce Securities. He's struggling to find his place among these men who have a brotherhood that doesn't seem to include him. Jordan's only saving grace is the woman across the hall in his apartment building, with her smart mouth and tight curves. 

Mia is wholly focused on making enough money at her crappy job to bring her sister home to live with her, instead of globe-trotting with her mother and the latest in a long line of losers. A boyfriend is not in the cards. But a couple of nights with the hottie across the hallway—to release some pent-up frustrations—wouldn’t be remiss. When she's grabbed from her apartment in the night, Jordan witnesses the crime, helpless to stop things. 

He's suddenly got a new mission: Before the worst can happen, he has to save the woman who has come to mean more to him than he realized. 

***WARNING*** This book has a vague description of events that may cause triggers.

My Review

4  stars

Series. The previous three have been some of my favorite books to read over this last year. Grab had all of the intensity and excitement as its predecessors, and the characters were just as memorable. Anne’s writing paints a well-developed picture that gives us insight into the mindset of her characters. My only problem with Grab, is that I was left wanting more. I wanted to see more of Jordan and Mia’s struggles before diving into the thick of the plot, or see it affect Jordan as he attempts to rescue her. I also would have liked more focus on the man that grabbed Mia (by how he found her and stalked her).

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