Thursday, January 14, 2016

Review: My Mind's Eye by Gillian Jones

My Mind's Eye 
Gillian Jones



She is the epitome of the girl next door, but with a feistiness that makes my dick throb.I’m drawn to her like no other. She stirs things in me I have no desire to feel, makes me long for things I shouldn’t.

This is my game. I choose the players. I never play for keeps.
I don’t believe in fate. I make my own destiny. I work hard and play harder. Luck is for pussies, karma for idiots. Me, I make shit happen.
Meeting her fucked up my plan. Threw me off my game.
I’m now face to face with my karma. Her name is Kat Rollins.
Ryker Eddison is the epitome of a player. You know the type: Mr. Get In and Get Out.
He’s all about the chase, wanting just one night. Everyone knows this, I know this. Still, I find myself craving him, my greedy body betraying what my heart and mind already know: he will only bring me pain.
He’s the guy that girls like me should avoid. I’m smart, I know better. But when I’m with him, I feel things I’ve never felt before. Things I never knew I wanted.
I can’t deny it … I like the chase. The high is explosive but I’m afraid if I give in, I may end up losing more than I can handle: my heart.


5 stars

My Minds Eye by Gillian Jones 

Holy smokes  what a book. 

My Minds Eye was absolutely amazing. Ryker, Ryker, Ryker. What a sexy swoon worthy character. That dirty mouth hooked me. So fucking hot. 

I devoured this book and loved every. freaking. moment. I am now an HUGE fan of the author. She is going on my auto-1-click list. 

 Claire is one of those best friends that every girl needs in their lives. She is sexy and fun. She brings out the best in Kat. 

She is always by her side no matter what. Now, thats a friendship. I love the playful banter between Claire and Kat. I think that really made the book. 

Not gonna lie. The cat and nmmouse game between Kat and Ryker was hot. 

I truely enjoyed this book. Excited to see what's next.

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