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Under The Moon by Rose J. Bell

Under The Moon
by Rose J. Bell

My Rating:
Pub Date: March 10th 2014
Synopsis: After causing the accident that killed her father and two innocent people, Selena Johnson is left disfigured and without hope. Taking care of her sick mother and her brother, Selena tries to escape the reality.

Keenan Case thought that he was invincible, until one tragic night shattered his world. Left alone with his guilt, he does everything to become a better person.

Circumstances bring Selena and Keenan together. The moment Keenan sees Selena, he decides to pull her out of her shell. Selena tries to keep her distance while Keenan wants to know more about her.

Soon they begin to feel more for each other than friends should do. But will love bring them together or destroy their friendship?

I have read books in the past that made me shed a tear, but not like this one. Selena is one of those characters that you just have to love! The author has created a character that is caring and responsible.
I adored the relationship between Selena and Keenan. Keenan was Selena's rock, and she his. I loved the deep connection that they had with each other. They knew each others pain, and they dealt with it every day. I thought it was neat the way they met each other.
Selena works at a hospital, where she became really good friends with a cancer patient by the name of Grace. I absolutely love Grace. She is a picture of how everyone  should be. Although she knows she is going to die, she doesn't let that hold her back from being who she is, and having fun! No one knows when they are going to actually die, but Grace knows that she isn't going to just sit around and cry about it. I wish I could be just like Grace! She is someone to look up to! I loved Grace's bucket list!! She had some pretty cool things on there!
Okay, time to fan girl here!!! Aw Keenan is so sweet!! He is one of those poettic type guys, and you just have to love him. All of the sweet things he did for Selena, and all of the sweet poems were so cute! Selena watch out he is mine!!!!
Like Selena, Keenan is dealing with a similar life changing problem. Selena and Keenan both blame themselves for something that could have happened regardless. I cried for these characters as if I actually knew them.
I cried the most because of Selena's family. The entire family was hurting, and when they needed each other the most, they forgot the meaning of family. Selena is 21, and she had to take care of her mom and her younger brother.
I gave this book five stars because the characters and the plot of this book was so amazing! The characters seemed so real. The story line of this book was perfect! There is a little of everything in this book. Romance, love, anger, heart ache, sadness, happiness, it is all here! Give this book a read! It is going on my favorites list!!
*ARC provided by the author*

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