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Spotlight With Amber Lynn

 Calypso In Love
By Amber Lynn
Unlucky in Love is more than just a name of a dating service started by five friends. It also accurately describes each one of their personal lives. Whatever abilities the ladies have that ensure their clients find their perfect matches don’t work for them, so even after living for centuries they are still searching.

Calypso Tanis gave up the fight before it even started. She was taught at a young age love was a foolish emotion that didn't deserve any consideration. After living all her life in the shadows, she finally decided to come out and for years things went well for her. Then Griff Godwin stepped into her office and all heck broke lose.
Griff was a man on a mission to help the woman his actions had forever altered. He wasn't expecting the emotions he felt when he met her in person, though. Something about Callie made him question his sanity in taking on the task of keeping her alive. He didn't have a choice in the matter, so they were going to have to learn to get along or kill each other trying.

Calypso anxiously tapped out a beat on her desk with her favorite purple pen. She couldn't
figure out what it was about this client that bothered her so. He looked just as handsome as
most of the people that walked through her door and she was certain he had a decent amount of
money in his bank accounts, the background check proved that, but there was something else.
Not that either of those things usually mattered to her. A guy was just a guy in Callie's world and
for the most part no amount of looks or charm bothered her on the physical level, but this guy
was different.
Callie and four of her closest friends founded Unlucky in Love, a dating service for those
with enough money searching for the sure thing when it comes to finding their forever mate. Not
one of their fifty customers had left unsatisfied and divorce wasn't even a possibility using their
She looked down at the paper in front of her again trying to figure out if the name was
familiar. “Mr. Godwin, have we met by any chance?” She tried to keep the confusion out of her
voice, but it was in vain.
“Ms. Tanis, I can assure you we'd both remember that encounter,” he replied and the gleam
in his eyes told a tale of what would have been a very interesting meeting. “And I would prefer if
you called me Griff.”
Callie had no doubt in her mind the guy would know his way around a woman. Those icy,
clear blue eyes about had her ready to throw her panties at him and they were only introduced
five minutes prior. The blonde, wavy hair and godlike facial features didn't help. If he were a
god, Callie would have never taken the appointment. Thankfully, the background check covered
the question and he came back clean.
“It's odd. I just really feel like I've met you somewhere. We should probably get on to the
reason for your visit. What are you looking for in a wife?” she asked and abandoned the purple
pen for her keyboard. Whatever his answer, it had to be typed into their database to try to match
him with potential mates.
Her coworkers were the ones with the talents in the art of matchmaking, but Callie brought
them all together and devised their system based on the others' talents. As children of gods and
goddesses their talents literally ran the business.
“I was hoping that by giving you my first name, you would share yours. It is a little odd that
your nameplate doesn't include it. Ms. Tanis, CEO is a little unwelcoming,” Griff answered.
Callie thought it was obvious if the name wasn't there, people should know there was a
reason. That's why she rarely met with clients face-to-face, too many questions for her unsocial
personality. It's better to leave the romance crap to the people who believe in love.

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Between Blood
By Amber Lynn
Helena loved her family and the simple life they lived in the shadows of their mountain village. She was the baby of a family filled with her father, mother, two brothers and sister. Helena had never heard the stories of the things that lived on the outskirts of town, but when her family was taken from her by a vampire, she quickly learned things weren't as simple as they seemed.

Helena was nothing more than a kid at the time and if it wasn't for Thomas, she would've been lost. Thomas rescued Helena before the vampire that killed her family could get to her. He'd been hunting the monster and instead of trying to finish him off, Thomas got Helena to safety. He tried numerous times to lose her over the years so he could continue his revenge, but she stuck to him like glue.

Their duo of vampire hunters cut the way through dozens of vampires on their crusade to find the one that had ruined both their lives. When the day finally came for Helena to meet the monster face-to-face, she never expected to find him taking her away from Thomas without a fight. As much as she thought she'd learned about Thomas over the years, the fact that they had been searching for his brother the whole time hadn't been mentioned.

Helena understood absolutely nothing about the events happening in her life, or how she was, and had always been, connected with both men. Each man claims to love her, but in her eyes one will always be a monster and the other the love of her life. When brothers hate each other as much as Thomas and Cain, getting stuck between them is hazardous for anyone's health.
We'd been tracking the vampire for three nights and the idiot didn't even know it. He hadn't
killed anyone on the other nights, so we were sure that night was going to be the night and we'd
finally see some action. Killing him before he found a victim would've been ideal, but we needed
to observe and make sure we wouldn't be in for any surprises. As clueless as the guy seemed,
surprises weren't on the horizon for this kill.
The 'we' in the situation was myself and my mentor, Thomas. Thomas had rescued me
five years prior, during a vampire attack on my family. My father, mother, two older brothers
and older sister had all been killed in the attack. Why I was spared and who the vampire was
that killed everyone I loved hadn't been revealed to me. I'd hoped one day I would figure the
senseless act out. I slept in the same room as my sister and it should've been natural for the
vampire to move on to me after he or she was done with Margaret.
Thomas had been tracking the evil being that caused the carnage and made it into the
house not long after the vampire had left me sleeping in my bed. I never understood how I slept
through the screams that Thomas informed me could be heard throughout the woods we lived
in. That was something I always liked about Thomas, he never kept anything from me, even the
really bad stuff. I was lucky that he took pity on me and started teaching me how to hunt the
creatures of the night.
At fourteen, I was too young in his book to start fighting vampires with their superior
strength and speed, but I didn't care. I wanted to kill them all for taking away my family. We
started small and I mostly watched as he went about his business. He trained me during the day
where to stab and how to fight and for my sixteenth birthday he finally let me get my first kill.
After that, I never looked back. Somehow I knew I'd never found the specific one I was
looking for. Thomas had been tracking him prior to the night we met, but he never got a good
look at him, so I was working on just instincts when it came to identifying him.
The world had a lot fewer people in it back then, so I assumed it was only a matter of time
before I would finally meet and kill the beast that destroyed my life. Thomas assured me that
vampires tended to remain in the area they decided to hunt. They couldn't travel during the day
and they had issues trusting humans to see after them when the sun's rays were shining.
I knew the vampire we were following that night wasn't the one I wanted, but it never
mattered. They all killed the humans they fed from and I had taken it upon myself to fight for
the human race against them. Until I died or all of them were dead, I was going to continue my
As we got further into the woods the vampire was leading us into, I started to become
concerned. He was heading away from town and Thomas had been sure the vampire needed to
feed. Feeding was a little difficult when you didn't have a victim.
“Don't worry little one,” a deep voice said from directly behind me. “Your companion will
feed him well.” 
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About Amber Lynn
Amber has always had a passion for the written word. Along with that, she’s always had ideas
for stories swimming around in her head. It finally got to the point where she couldn’t take it
anymore and had to start getting her thoughts down on paper. There are still too many ideas,
but she is working to get them out as fast as she can. Her hope is that one day her brain will be
hers again.
Other hobbies of Amber’s include: drawing, baking, arts and crafts, motorcycles, hockey and
archery. She likes to think she has eclectic tastes where her hobbies are concerned. She loves
to laugh and tries to make herself smile at least once a day. With the crazy thoughts going on in
her head that usually isn't hard.
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