Sunday, July 6, 2014

Book Spotlight for Harajuku Kiss by Linda Hamonou

At time, life can be so depressing. She is walking her usual recovery tour in Harajuku, finishing with a crepe, trying to forget that her boyfriend dumped her once again for the week-end... when the unthinkable happens... A boy stops in front of her in the street and kisses her, in the middle of the street, before running away.

Trying to discover more about him, she is dragged into a dangerous game of mystery. A biologist has been murdered and a deadly virus is on the loose. First suspect: the mysterious Harajuku's stranger.

Finally, eating a comforting crepe sounded like the best thing to do. As I was here anyway I might as well take advantage from it, before going home and take a hot shower to avoid catching the flu from this freezing temperature. My hands were so icy cold that I let few coins roll on the floor as I took them out of my purse.
Here you go,” he said handing them to me before I could even make a move to pick them up.
Arigato,” thank you, I said taking the coins from his old wrinkled hand which was a lot warmer than mine.
I paid for my crepe and joined the next queue waiting for it to be prepared.
I was observing you,” the old man said.
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