Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Book Blitz: Demonspawn Academy By DJ Liamson

Demonspawn Academy Blitz
Demonspawn Academy
By DJ Liamson
Genre - M/M Paranormal Sci-Fi
Dark Hollows Press
Publication Date - 7/11/14
Chance Bane wakes up with no memories of who he is and soon finds
out he's been engineered to become a demon hunter.
On his first mission with Demonspawn Academy, he's tasked with
charting a topography of Hell, assuming he can find an entrance to Hell
first. He's assigned to fellow demon hunter Riley Than, and when his
emotions are super charged from demon hunting on their first mission,
Chance experiences feelings he didn't know he had.
How will Chance deal with his burgeoning sexuality, while dealing with
his memory loss, while trying to figure out how to become the best
demon hunter he can be?
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About the Author
DJ Liamson lives in Virginia with his wonderful partner, who is always
encouraging him to write. DJ loves writing and is thrilled that he gets
to share his love of the written word with the world. When not coming
up with new twists for old ideas, he enjoys reading and watching others’
work. He hopes you’ve enjoyed what you’ve read and hopes you’ll reach
out to him on his social media links. Feel free to say hi!

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