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Blog Tour: Cordially Invited by Natasha Jackson

Welcome to my stop on the Cordially Invited Tour by Natasha Jackson. 
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Cordially Invited
by Natasha Jackson

About the Book

You are cordially invited...

After a mishap involving a stripper and a coffin, event planner Lucky Gould-Bang is fired for the third time in three months. When a position for Post Conviction Coordinator pops up at the Bureau of Prisons, Lucky jumps at the chance with no clue what it involves. Finding out she will be planning recently re-instated executions, Lucky finds herself dealing with an ambitious Governor, smarmy detah industry executives, protestors and a spree murderer cum pastor on a regular basis, all while trying to do the Governor's bidding by putting on 'family friendly' executions.

At the Governor's request, to attend the execution of...

Madison Madigan is tired of everyone seeing her as Lil' Maddie, First Granddaughter of the state of Illinois. She's Governor now and she will do anything to win the office on her own merit, even if she has to rely on voters from the other party get there. She reinstated the death penalty over her Party's wishes and now she's determined to make it something everyone is talking about...and not because a run of the mill death by electrocution turned into a barbecue. Her key to winning is Pastor Bishop Parsons--will she commute his sentence or won't she--now all she has to do is make a decision.

On this day at the following time...

Pastor Bishop Parsons doesn't deny his sordid past. A former drug addict on Death Row for the spree murders of ten people. But twenty years into his sentence he is a reformed man; Pastor of the largest e-church in the country, fundraiser for the upper crust and media darling. He's not ready to die and he'll do anything he can to stop it...even invoking religion.

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About the Author

N.D. Jackson BIO
Hey I'm Natasha! I’m originally from Chicago but I’ve lived all over the US and I’m making my way through Europe…and I love stories. I love to read them, to watch them and most of all I love to write them. I find people endlessly fascinating and frustrating, which makes for the most interesting stories!
I also love politics and true crime so in addition to writing romance, I also write political satire. It has been my dream to make a living as a writer since I was a kid and got lost in Judy Blume, The Babysitter's Club and Sweet Valley High (is my age showing?!?!). When I'm not writing I can be found engaging in one-sided conversations with everyone from Rachel Maddow to the food I’m preparing, singing very loudly very badly and trying out new recipes from around the world.
I love to laugh, I gave my husband a sappy pet name and I think answers to most of life's dilemmas can be found in an episode of Dawson's Creek.
My first series, Mustang Prairie, is small town romance because I feel they offer a variety of fun characters whose lives are interconnected. It is based loosely on my college town, which was the smallest town I've ever lived in...Go Panthers!
My new novel, Cordially Invited is about my love of politics and how we as a society deal with matters of life and death.
BLURB: After losing her birth parents and her adopted parents Alexis Mabry is used to being alone. So after a year of horrible dates with everyone from sugar baby wannabes to cross dressers, she decides to stop dating altogether and focus on what matters most: her business and her friends in Mustang Prairie. 

When she meets a handsome stranger on a trip to California she starts to wonder if it’s time to get back in the game. 

Baxter Thompsen spent the last decade building his empire to the exclusion of everything but sex. Now tired of the socialites and starlets, he wants someone real. When he does she only wants a vacation fling and it's up to Baxter to show her that lust is great, but love is the real prize. 

Is it lust or are Baxter and Alex more than a little bit in love? 


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