Thursday, January 28, 2016

#ReviewTeam Ruby liked Taming the Wirlwind by L.M. Heidle. Check out her review

 Taming the Whirlwing
L.M. Heidle 


Liz is slowly accomplishing her goals: 1. Get out of her small town- CHECK 2. Graduate College- CHECK 3. Move to New York- CHECK 4. Get a job- working on it 5. Find drama- WAIT! NO! Finding drama was NOT on her to-do list, but apparently life didn’t get the memo, because it threw her one heck of a curveball. What curveball you ask? It’s not a what, but a who and that who would be Mr. Kade Ian Parker. The tattooed, short-tempered, sexier-than-should-be-allowed businessman has turned her world more than upside down. He obliterated it. Her life has turned into something that even a soap opera writer couldn’t come up with. Kade never wanted to find love. He saw how his family crumbled after his mom left; there was no way he was going to be crushed by another woman. No one had come close to making him want more, until her. No matter how hard he fought his attraction and oh did he try. Hell, he basically pushed her into another man’s arms, nothing changed. He. Still. Wanted. Her.

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Ruby's Review
4 stars

kade and Elizabeth are so much different in life, Sexy blue eyes Kade being so rich and spoils Elizabeth so much that she just could not understand that and Kade having such a high jealousy that drove her nuts! The sparks between them are so strong but yet he just wanted to be friends that even includes spoiling her and over protect her. Want to know what happen? Uh uh not a spoiler !

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