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Secrets of Autumn

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Secrets of Autumn

We live with this notion that when we die, we move on to a better place. The evil of the world is behind us. The ones that we leave behind will mourn and we will always be with them. It’s believed ghosts are just lost souls refusing to move on. But is that really true? What happens if you die before your time? Autumn Milley’s life was full of possibilities of the future when it all ended in a flash. In life, she learned of demons from books and movies and in death, she finds out just how real they are. Can Ty and the other souls save her from the darkness? Or will the battle for her soul wipe her from existence completely?


After a while, I calmed down a little. We sat on the beach in the moonlight without a word between us. In the little light there was, I noticed the tattoo on his bicep. Why hadn’t I seen it before? It was a simple word, ‘Faith’. Reaching out, I let my finger run over the letters. “I got that right before I died. One crazy night after Tara and I had a huge blow up and I was just driving around thinking too hard. I ended up at a stoplight in front of a church. On the sign in bold letters was the word FAITH. I thought about it and I guess I got it to remind myself that I needed to have faith in order to live.” “It didn’t help much did it? I mean, you’re dead now,” I pointed out. He sat quietly for a minute. “No, I guess not. But before I was going to jump, I mean really going to do it that time, I reached up to the branch above me and took one last look around. I needed to see it, see and understand that what I needed was faith, that it was going to work out. If Tara and I didn’t get back together, then I needed to believe that there was a reason why. I realized I could make it through anything because of it.” “Do you still believe it? Look where we are and how we have to wait to move on, then tell me you still believe in faith,” I challenged him. Ty reached out and lifted my chin, to get me to look into his eyes. “You need to have faith that you will move on soon. That your sister will confess why this happened and that you can forgive her. Yes, we’ve lost so much. That stupid branch broke and I was pissed because I would never know what could have been. It wasn’t until you showed up that I realized what I could do. Never give up faith, Autumn. Even now.” He let go of me, stood up and reached for my hand. The only faith I felt now was for my sister to meet the same fate as me.  

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Jo Cattell lives in New Jersey with her husband and two daughters, Amber and Jade. She has been writing most of her life, often getting into trouble at school because she would rather write than do her schoolwork. Often, when she is working, she makes a soundtrack to help with the mood of the story line. She finds writing to be a way to escape and relax, and hopes to inspire others with her work. She finds her models in everyday people she meets, They are the magic to her when it comes to see her characters come to life. She also credits her editor for helping her redesign her book and take them to the next level as well as her photographer when it comes to capturing the images in her mind.

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