Sunday, July 17, 2016

Dark Indiscretions By Shakuita Johnson

Dark Indiscretions 
By Shakuita Johnson

Review Copy ~

Review by Heather ()Review Team Member)
Rating: 3 stars

Review: I did receive this novel as a free ARC Copy in exchange for an honest review.

Usually paranormal / shifter romance type novels I am ok with. I wasn't with this. The story is there, however with so many characters the novel itself gets distorted and you aren't sure who's who, and what's going on.

The main character is supposed to be Jenny who is a mystic, who is from the 16th century. Her parents are trying to force her into a sexual relationship with one or both of her brother's so she can get pregnant and keep their bloodline 'true'. Jenny revolts against this, and also a battle ensues.

In the next chapter we find Jenny in the 21st century, with a grown daughter, Krista. Both Jenny & Krista found their 'mates' who are all shifters. However, they both have 2 mates a piece. Things got complicated there. Having a mystic & a shifter for mates are odd pairings.

Krista winds up getting kidnapped and Jenny needs to find her. But, why not go ahead and have a threesome with your new mates?

I think the story was there, but, other things got in the way of it becoming a good story line.

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