Thursday, July 6, 2017

Book Review: Cutslut by Kim Jones


Release Date: June 6
Genre: MC Romance
Rating: 5 stars

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My Review

Cutslut by Kim Jones has to be her best book yet.  This book was gripping and had me hooked and on edge to the very end.  

I loved every moment in this book.  I was sucked up into this story,  and I felt like I was apart of the entire thing.  

Kim Jones has went above and beyond with this one.  Winter was so sassy and strong for putting up with all of the shit she did. 

Jinx was a sexy badass that earned a spot in my book boyfriends list.  

The sex between these two characters was hot as hell.  It burned up the pages of this book. 

I can't wait for Kim's next book.  If it's anything like this one,  it's going to be fantastic.  

About the Book

I’m that girl.
No…I’m not.

They want their title.
I don’t.
They’re proud to belong.
I’m not.
They chose this life.
I didn’t…

My name is Winter Tews.
I am a thief. Liar. Traitor. Con. 
The enemy is my lover. 
I am his Cutslut.

And this is my story.

Damn right she’s not that girl. 
They’re sugar and spice. She’s misery and sin. 
And I want her.
Not to hold. Not to cherish. Not to love and honor and respect.
I want to break her. Hurt her. Destroy her. Just like she destroyed me. 
She’s my brother’s sister. 
My enemy’s Cutslut. 
But soon…
She’ll be mine.

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