Saturday, June 30, 2018

Complicated Parts #2 by Ashley Jade

by Ashley Jade

My Review

Ashley Jade, The Queen of Unconventional, once again did what she does best and creates a masterpiece that will give her readers all the feels.

This story... These characters... The feels... Preston and Kit... Their complicated relationship... PERFECT.

When a book that makes you feel everything from frustration to happiness, from swooning to cursing up a storm... Then you know you have found a good one.

Complicated Parts is just the second part to Preston and Kit's complicated story, and it's a doozy that you don't want to miss.

Preston, or as I like to call him, The Loveable A-hole, has shown me another layer to him. Oh, he is still an a-hole, but he has a sweet and gooey inside that is covered up by his hard shell on the outside. But before you think he has changed and he is not the same Preston from before... well don't worry he is.

Kit has made me love her even more with her caring side towards Preston. These two had their moments where I'm sure they hated each other, but I definitely got to see more from both of them that I love so much.

Preston and Kit has stolen my heart, and honestly? They can keep it...

Never have I ever been so invested in a story where I am thinking about these two characters all of the time.

With each perfectly written book I fall deeper in love with these two flawed characters. With each perfectly written book I learn more about them. With each perfectly written book they learn more about each other. I can't get enough.

Ashley Jade is one of my favorite authors, and her books always have me either crying, irritated and ready to pull my hair out, or crying tears of happiness at the end. She really knows how to hook her readers.

I hope you will let her hook you with part 1 of this amazing series before reading this one.

Go in blind so you can fully enjoy the ride of your lifetime!

💟 💗 💟 💗 💟

About the Book 

She needed to be loved...
He needed to be saved.

When an opportunity comes knocking, you shouldn't question it. 
Unless it comes in the form of a 5'2", feisty, loudmouth girl who just so happens to hate your guts. 
The same girl you haven't been able to get out of your head for three years. 
But, I'm a gambler by nature. A risk taker. 
So when Kit Bishop makes me an offer I'm in no position to refuse... I take it. 
I just have to make sure I don't end up giving her more than what we both bargained for. 
Like the fucked-up thing beating in my chest.

There's no one on earth I hate more than Preston Holden. 
As if our past didn't give me enough of a reason—he's also a cocky, arrogant jerk with a gambling problem. 
Unfortunately for me, he just so happens to be the only guy I can ask to help me with my issue.  
It's simple. 
He needs the money. I need a husband. 
It's strictly business. A one-year stint between enemies. 
No strings. No feelings—other than our mutual dislike for one another. 
But the thing about hate? It can flip on a dime.
It can have you questioning things about yourself you never thought you would. 
And if I'm not careful—things are going to get even more complicated between us.

You know the saying—'til death do us part?
Well, in our case? It includes all the complicated parts

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