Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Dirty Player by Lila Baxter


by Lula Baxter

Marry's Review

Please, take a second to read this 📣

This is the teaser that got me to get the book. I had seen it a lot on IG (promo of the book) and I was hesitant to grab it. I’ve read so many “Dirty” or “player” type of book, I was afraid it would be some “déjà vu” for me. But I kept seeing it and one morning, I just decide to give it a chance. 

And Holy cow, that book wasn’t even close to anything I had in mind. It was completely different from the usual player (Alexandre is truly a master at games, in a way that’s completely unpredictable) and the heroine is strong, yet very kind heart, the balance truly perfect between both. From the first pages, I got fully into it and didn’t put it down before I finished. Wait! I took a break 3/4 into it to write to the author how much this story was one of the best discoveries I made this year. 

This is Lula Baxter debut novel and from this book, you’d believe she’s done this all her life and has 20 books already published. Its an outstanding story, strong and the characters are simply perfect; they’re defined, consistent and Lula masters this incredible games; its nothing you can expect. It’s smart, way above average, the finesse of Alexandre fascinating (the guy is a player for sure. But a chest player type of games; strategic and charming like you can begin to imagine). The storyline is flawless despite the amount of twists going on and one thing is for sure, Dirty Player made it in my best read this year. Lets be honest, I can’t resist something intelligent and this book is basically dripping smartest; it’s also very hot (not negligible) and the pace makes sure you get addicted in no time. The built up is quite intense from the first moment Astrid meets Alexandre and Lula holds up to her promise of steamy romance with an HEA.  

Freaking perfect. This is just the type of discovery you’d like to make every day and don’t regret listening to your instincts. 

Five stars read and one of my best read this year.

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About the B9ok 

I’m risking Fifty-Million Dollars to make her mine. 

Once upon a time, I was a simple girl from Boston. 
Then, I became a pawn, a piece to be played with in the wicked games the wealthy play. 
On one side of the Atlantic lies the conservative Old Money of Beacon Hill. 
On the other side lies the playground of the filthy rich in Monte Carlo. 
That’s where I saw Alexandre, blazing by on his motorcycle. 
He introduced me to heaven on earth in the French Riviera. 
Then my life turned to hell back home in Boston. 
Now he’s offering me a proposition of obscene proportions, which I have no choice but to accept…. 

My entire fortune has been built by satisfying my thirst for revenge. 
Then, I saw Astrid sitting alone at that outdoor bar. 
She started out as a pawn in my game of conquest. 
I betrayed her to win at all costs. 
I wasn’t supposed to fall for her. 
Now, I’m risking an obscene amount to make her mine…. 

This is a FULL LENGTH, STAND ALONE book with a HEA, Happily Ever After. 
Warning: The steam level is HEAVY in this one, so 18+ ONLY.

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