Sunday, July 7, 2019

FLAWED by Auryn Hadley & Kitty Cox


by Auryn Hadley & Kitty Cox


We are all flawed

If you are sitting there staring at this review, wondering if this book is for you, I would say yes... It's for everyone. Why? Because it deals with real life situations within the gaming world. Even if you aren't a gamer, you'll be hooked. Trust me, you will love it and you don't have to know anything about gaming. If you do, all the better. Kitty and Auryn has written a book that absolutely blew my mind. I'm addicted and seriously wanting more. This book is raw, it's real, it shows that everyone has flaws, and I know that the series is only going to get better from here. So go ahead, grab your copy now, and you can thank me later.


Everyone has a flaw. Some are bigger and deeper than others, but no one is perfect. Destiny came close. Growing up, she was the kind of kid parents wish for - good grades, high ambitions, and the ability to achieve anything she set her mind to. But in an instant, her life changed.

Kidnapped and tortured, that bright future vanished, leaving little more than a ghost. The drugs are all that keep her going these days. If she is high enough, it drowns out the dreams that were lost. If she can just keep reality a bit farther away, she might even find happiness - or just stop breathing. Right now, either will do.

What Chance Hunter needs is someone to fix his network, and quickly. The game that will make his career - if he can get it running - is about to collapse around him. But he never expected to find his salvation in a hardware store - until he hears her name. Once upon a time, Destiny Pierce was considered the most influential private gamer. She'd inspired this dream he was chasing. and if she still has half the talent she showed before, his fortune is made - but can this broken wretch really be her?

Feeling like she wanted to disappear for so long was a hard thing to work through, but maybe Destiny finally wants to be found... just by Chance.

* WARNING: For mature readers only - Contains graphic situations, mature content, profanity, and may be triggering for some readers*

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