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Book Blast: It Takes a Thief by Jean LouiseIt Takes a Thief by Jean Louise

It Takes a Thief

by Jean Louise

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When you want to do something good, sometimes you need to be a little bad.

Angelina Carr is a thief. Nick Aston is a corporate security consultant. With her special skills, and his professional experience, they’re uniquely qualified to bring down a small-time criminal. The real challenge arises when that simple task gets them mixed up with a big-time mob boss.

In order to solve the problem for good, Gina and Nick have to find a way to bring down the kingpin. Hopefully without anyone getting hurt....


“Don’t leave yet...  Angelina.”

She paused and finally turned toward him, this time looking at him directly.  “My name isn’t Angelina.”  His eyes matched his hair:  sort of honey-colored.  Much lighter than most brown eyes.

He was looking at her, too.  “You really haven’t changed,” he said.

She ignored him.  “I said, my name isn’t Angelina.  So if you’ll excuse me....”

He put his hand out.  He didn’t grab her or touch her, but he could have.  If he dared.

“My apologies,” he said.  “So what name do you go by... now?”

“I’m sorry, what business is it of yours what my name is?  And why do you care?”

He sighed.  “Let’s back up a moment.  Do I look familiar at all?  Do you recognize me?”

Even as she shook her head, she had to acknowledge a twinge of recognition.  She knew she’d seen those eyes before... somewhere... sometime.

She shrugged.  “I see a lot of people, every day.  I could have seen you anywhere.”

“Here’s a hint,” he added.  “It’s been a few years since you’ve seen me.”

His choice of words didn’t escape her, leaving a big question mark about how recently he’d seen her.

She was still trying to place him.  She knew she’d seen those eyes before... the color was a bit too unusual not to remember.


I grew up with stories:  stories told around the campfire each summer while growing up in New York state; stories read to me by older siblings; stories I read while pretending I, too, was old enough to go to school.  And stories I wrote to amuse myself and my family.

Years later, I’m still writing stories.

Since being graduated from college I’ve worked for small business, large corporations, and even the government.  I now live in North Carolina, far from those campfires of my childhood.   Writing is still in my blood, though, because when you have stories to tell, the characters won’t let you rest until you tell them.

Feel free to contact me at, or on the J.Y. Harris page on Facebook.
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  1. New author to me! I love meeting new authors.

  2. Hi, and thanks for including me in your blog. I hope everyone has a great day. :-)

  3. Thank you to all the visitors to this blog during this tour. J.Y. Harris and Jean Louise are both me, which I neglected to mention in my prior post. :-( But thanks again to all, and happy reading. :-)