Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The "Would You Rather" Book Tag

"Would You Rather Book" Tag!

Hey guys! So I have been seeing this tag floating around the BookTube community, so I am glad it has made its way to the blogging community. So let's give it a try!

1. Would You Rather read only a series or stand-alone books?
-- I would rather read only stand-alone books. There are so many series out there that I haven't finished, and some of them I probably won't. I love series, but after a while I think I would get tired of them. There are so many great stand-alone books out there. Plus they are just easier to read. Because once you are finished, you can just move on to the next book. 2. Would You Rather read a book whose main character is male or female?
--- female. Most of the books that I read now the main character is a females  3. Would You Rather shop only at Barnes & Noble (or other actual bookstore) or Amazon?
--- Definitely Amazon. I have a kindle, and I can't live without it.
 4. Would You Rather all books become movies or tv shows?
--- TV shows for sure. With movies they don't have that much time to stick a whole book in. I think TV show would be perfect because the producers would have more time to  show and explain everything. 5. Would You Rather read 5 pages per day or read 5 books per week?
--- 5 books per week. That is about how many I read now, so nothing would change. 6. Would You Rather be a professional book reviewer or an author?
--- An Author. While I love reviewing books, I just love coming up with new ideas for books. I have a folder full of ideas just waiting to be written! 7. Would You  Rather only read the same 20 books over and over or get to read a new book every 6 months?
--- I love re-reading books, but I am going to have to go with get a new book every month. I don't think I would be able to read only 20 books over and over. I would get tired of them really fast. 8. Would You Rather be a librarian or own a book store?
--- Hmm.. this is the hardest one... I think book store because I get to be around new smelling books all day! lol :p

 9. Would You Rather only read your favorite genre or your favorite author?
--- Um genre duh. I get to read a wider verity. 10. Would You Rather only read physical books or eBooks?
--- I would miss physical books, but I am going to have to go with eBooks. They are so much cheaper for 1, and 2 they are easier and faster to get. I can just go to Amazon, or B&N and one click a new book. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this tag, If you have done, or decide to do this take please leave a comment with a link to it. I would love to check it out! 

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