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Interview With Author Bri Amari

Hey guys! Jackie here! 

I got the chance to interview a good friend from the book Community and brand-spanking-new author. Her first book, OBLIVIOUS, was released a few days ago and I am so proud of her and excited to read it myself!

Hope you enjoy! 

Interview With Author Bri Amari

About Bri

Bri Amari is tucked away in a small fishing community in sou'west Nova Scotia, Canada where she was born and raised. She spends the time she's not typing away at her stories, outside and with her family. She likes hunting and fishing, beach glass treasure hunting and making jewelry from her finds. She's an avid reader in the fantasy genre, a blogger, and all around Facebook junkie. She likes to make up words and loves anything unique. She has a fascination with all mythology and the ocean. Make-up, astrology, and languages as well.
She looks forward to many years finally following her dream.

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Jackie: Tell us a little about you.

Bri: Bri Amari, crazy Canadian indie author by day, Brittaini the even crazier mom and wife by night.
I'm 28 and have a whole bunch of crazy quirks.
I have always written poetry but didn't have the courage to jump into novels until this year in June! Four days before my birthday I have myself 4 weeks to write a book and surprised myself by doing it in three. 
Since I've written two more and am working on a second series!

Jackie: When writing is there something you keep next to you at all times? Like water or a snack?

Bri: I always have snacks, whatever's available. I try to limit this but usually there's a Monster Energy drink beside me as well. I do have a knit infinity scarf I like to make into my super-author writing hood sometimes lol!

Jackie:  What's one random fact about you that not many people know?

You know when you're little and adults ask what you want be when you grow up? Well I always answered with Vet, or dog breeder, but in my heart I always wanted to be a pirate. Still do lol.
I also have two Betty Book tattoos.

Jackie: Do you listen to music while writing? If yes, what do you listen to?

Bri: No music because I'm a lyrics liver and I'd hate to use a line because it was in my head. But I always have children yelling, hubby blaring the TV, and the two dogs rough housing as my background tune :).

Jackie: Tell us about your first book, Oblivious.

Bri: Oblivious started with the prologue. I was just writing to write out emotions about a family member with Cancer. It soon developed into a world and I spent two days fleshing out the 21 Royals of Gaia. It soon developed into a book and then a series focusing on social differences and bringing everyone together.
There is racial segregation, bigotry, social ladders and very strict 'normals'. Mothachail smashes through all of those barriers and starts her journey towards changing it all for good.

There's humour and romance, conflict and resolution but Oblivious can best be described as The Foundation to a much higher world and story.

Jackie: Where did the idea for oblivious come from?

Bri: I guess I kind of answered that in the last one didn't I. Dang. Well I guess I'll elaborate.

As I said previously the prologue came from grief and worry of my own, but that was all it was until Jazz's character was born to console my inner grief. She's strong and the best example of a real friend. Because when I pictured her, she was a woman of color (not sure ethnicity wise in our world but I envy her beautiful skin.) I knew that I could use the horrible things going on in our world to give this story purpose. Soon tons of characters were born of different races and the story took off on me.

Jackie: What is your favorite part in the book and why?

Bri: There is a scene where Mothachail is getting frustrated with the shocked reaction she's getting from the men in her life and she starts to ramble out her aggregation. She starts screaming about her mother being Medusa and her father, newly acquainted, has no idea how to handle it. In my mind I could picture 80% of father's doing the same and it made me laugh :).

Jackie: How does it feel to have your very first book published?

Bri: I am 100% over the moon. Release day felt like floating on a cloud. The support and sense of community or family in the online indie community is such an amazing feeling. It took lots of hard work editing and struggling with different laws (thanks Canada. Lol) and promotion and it feels like it's all paid off. I am so ready to do it again.

Jackie: What's next?

 Bri: Well Book 2 of The Four Kingdoms Saga, Opalescent is in editing now :). I think I really grew my craft and was extremely satisfied with myself and where the story decided it wanted to go! I'm hoping to have it releases in January along with a 'Four Kingdoms Saga novella titled FaithLESS.

Book 3, Ostracized was my project for NaNo. The first draft is finished but is on the back burner for a bit. I hope to have that out in March.

But what I am most excited about ia my new series Davvey Jonez Locker. Which will follow the lives of men and women lost at sea in their afterlife as they become heros and guardians in the fight against the fire-spitters. A group of demons told of in Irish lore led by their mother Caorthannach. It will have Pirates, Captains, Soldiers, Selkies, Gods and Goddesses and of course Davvey Jonez!

Jackie: Tell us what inspired you to start writing.

Bri: I was dreading this question from the moment I made the decision to write because it's not a happy story. I read a book in May as a beta that was bad. Really bad. Worse than most new authors I'd read. It wasn't a matter of unprofessional editing (which we all do on a budget.) It was a matter of not understanding the time lines, back story ect. There were repeated scenes, plot holes etc. The editing wasn't great, like beyond missed errors. I trudged through it in an effort to help the author with my feedback. When the final copy came out I bought the book. Within moments I realized she had taken none of my advice and was charging people for product that wasn't ready for sale. In my anger I said "Fack this shit." If she could sell crap, I could sell non-crap. That anger gave me the courage to make the leap and I've never looked back. (Or spoken to/supported that author ever again.)

Jackie:  What is one word that explains how you felt to hit that publish button. 

Bri: NervCited? It was an excited nervousness. The scary cat nerves didn't hit until today, day two.

Jackie: Do you have any tips for those inspiring authors out there that are taking that first step and hoping to publish someday??

Bri: Stacie Wilson told me the day I decided to write:
Write all the words, don't stop until they're all out. Never give up.

They kept me going.
But my best advice comes from Stephen King.
It's called the closed door writing policy, and I'm paraphrasing but it says:

Write your book for you first. Shut that door on the outside and write what makes you happy. Worry about your readers and your market in edits because if you don't live your story first, no one else will either.

And last but most importantly. Have fun, don't stress. This is a journey a lot of us have travelled and we are here for you too.

About Oblivious

Mothachail has a secret, kept even from her.
Fenix has a duty that's about to change everything.

After the death of her adoptive mother, Mothachail's life is turned upside down. She spends one last night out with her best friend before moving home to console and care for her devastated father but her plans are dashed when she unknowingly walks into the cross hairs of a mysterious admirer.

Explore the magical world of Gaia as Mothachail is abruptly thrust into the Four Kingdoms - tucked away from human eyes - where she will be faced with the truth of her world; truths that are impossible. After being kidnapped she learns the dark Incubus Prince to blame has a shocking connection to her past and her uncertain future. 

Can she handle finding out monsters and myths are real? Will she survive a life where magic can be both a gift and a curse or will her human ignorance kill her in the end?

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